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Due to customs seizure and the lack of logistics information, many container goods have not been picked up, and the port has piled up, and the port has been forced to reduce freight volume.

Due to incomplete documents and incomplete procedures, many goods were detained at the port. Because the amount of port demurrage is high, even far exceeding the value of the goods themselves, .Also for this reason, many shippers abandon their goods to avoid paying demurrage charges. This also directly exacerbates the problem of cargo accumulation in ports.

If the cargo stays in the port for more than 30 days without customs clearance and delivery, it is classified as overdue cargo. The findings show that stranded cargo accounts for more than 30% of the total port cargo, and more than $2 billion worth of cargo is currently piling up at the port. Many goods have been delayed for 30 days or even up to 7 years, and the number of overdue goods is still increasing!

Since February this year, the number of containers destined for the United States has continued to rise. As of this Tuesday, the number of containers demurred for more than nine days has more than doubled that of February, and now there are mountains of containers in the ports of the West of the United States.

However, according to the latest financial report, the port's growth slowed and the earnings outlook was weak due to the gradual easing of the current epidemic control measures and the fading of freight orders driven by the new COVID-19 outbreak.

The excess cargo could be well over 1 million square feet, two people familiar with the matter said, with one saying it could be triple that.

Peter Sand, chief analyt at rate benchmarking platform Xeneta, predicts that the U.S. East Coast is "the next big congestion hotspot."

Cargo piles up at Port of Los Angeles, California

Ports, which have recently been plagued by warehouse overcapacity, are considering subleasing at least 10 million square feet of space and possibly terminating leases.

Of course, this choice comes at a price. This is extremely difficult for a port with a huge cargo throughput!

To relieve the congestion, Mr. Lynch is overseeing a $600 million expansion. He is swapping out one berth for a bigger one to accommodate the largest container ships. He is extending the storage yard across another 80 acres, adding room for 6,000 more containers. He is enlarging his rail yard to 18 tracks from five to allow more trains to pull in, building out an alternative to trucking.

But even as Mr. Lynch sees development as imperative, he knows that expanded facilities alone will not solve his problems. "If there’s no space out here" he said, looking out at the stacks of containers, "it doesn't matter if I have 50 berths." Many of the containers are piled five high, making it harder for cranes to sort through the towers to lift the needed boxes when trucks arrive to take them away.

As a top clearing firm, after months of negotiations with Port Finance and Marketing CEO Brian T, we have finally reached a tripartite agreement.

Contacted with real estate leasing company KBC advisors and the head of port's marketing department

Through tripartite cooperation, valuable electronic products are selected from various ports and sold in batches in different combinations, changing the traditional direct sales method and focusing on solving the problem of port cargo accumulation. Consumers can also obtain higher profit returns through resale, which not only solves the problem of port accumulation but also benefits the public in another way.

Of course, the deal will not continue after the port clears the buildup. Quantities are limited!

We will be selling these products in large comprehensive packages.

Please note: that all orders are packed in ONE package to save shipping cost. If you have ordered two or more mystery boxes and would like them to be packaged separately, please indicate this in your message or contact our staff directly, you will pay a higher postal rate.

Due to the uncertain nature of the mystery box (which makes it a lot of fun), we can't say exactly what's in it, but we can give you some indication: at least one mystery box containing at least 1 or 2 products. You will receive at least 1 of the items below.

Volume Purchase

Therefore, as a top liquidation company, we collect these unclaimed shipments at extremely low prices and repackage them for sale. Some of the products in the batch package are only missing the outer packaging, and the function is normal, which does not affect the use at all. That's why we can sell these pallets at a low price. Whether you use it yourself or sell it again, this is the best choice.

Bulk buy mixed port unclaimed packages.

Our port unclaimed container offerings are extensive and subject to change. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are putting unclaimed containers in port on online retail. There are more than 1,000 products to choose from, and you can buy a variety of combo packages with a wide range of products at affordable prices. Port unclaimed containers usually contain: electronics, toys, daily necessities, household appliances, household items, sporting goods, tools, gardening accessories and more – YES, liquidation pallets are safe to use!

Are port unclaimed container available anytime?

We only spend half a month every year hand branding the products in these containers at a very low price. This is also the time of year when unclaimed containers are cheapest at the port. After this time, the price will increase. Just like Black Friday, only this time it has the lowest prices of the year. Because our products are not only cost-effective, but also have investment value, they are also very popular with customers. If you miss it, you have to wait another year. If you need it, please place an order to buy it.

What's in these port unclaimed container?

Regarding the size of the item (container): The size of the item (container) is optional. In general, a full-sized pallet has a better chance of winning something better. There may be some very valuable items like electronics, toys, groceries, appliances, housewares, sporting goods, tools, gardening accessories, gym equipment, you name it. Even single items cost more than $990.

What can you get in a port container? (what products are in the container) 
Please note: The actual number of goods received depends on the number of orders.

  • CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC
  • Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset für PC
  • Nitro 5 Gaming-Laptop
  • Switch
  • Elektrische Zahnbürste
  • PlayStation5
  • MacBook Pro 14
  • Apple Watch
  • iphone13pro max
  • A6S Bluetooth-Kopfhörer
  • L12 Bluetooth-Kopfhörer
  • G25 Gaming-Headset
  • USB Gaming-Headset
  • VH240a 23,8-Zoll Full HD 1080p IPS LED-Monitor
  • VR Headset
  • Aspire 5 Slim Notebook
  • Elektrische Rasierer
  • BP2 /USB-Luftbefeuchter
  • Unterwasserkamera 1080P
  • Spiel Controller
  • Massagepistole
  • Augenmassagegerät
  • Drohne
  • Kabelgebundene Kopfhörer
  • XBOX spielkonsolen
  • Nackenmassagegerät
  • Elektrische Kopfmassagegerät
  • SK802BT Bluetooth Lautsprecher

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