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Electronics/Tool Packaging Box


Electronics/Tool Packaging Box

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TOP USA Pallet Wholesaler

Tools & equipment Clearance. Each Pallet is different. Each load contains an assortment of online and store returns /clearance items (large and small). You pay only a percentage of the original cost per item.
You can find Mixed tool set, lawnmowers, generators, outdoor furniture, appliances and more in over 300 pallets in stock!
Why Low Price?
We are one of America’s largest product liquidation specialists and our unmatched range of inventory meets the needs of clients worldwide.

We work directly with e-commerce websites such as amazon and department store to help liquidate their excess stock. Since we purchase clean customer returns as well as excessive inventory in bulk, we are able to pass on these huge discounts to our customers. Our amazon liquidation truckloads come at some unbelievably low prices! We also cooprate with resellers who use Ebay, swaps, flea market discount stores, auctions, and export channels. The categories we offer include general merchandise, soft merchandise, hard merchandise, furniture, toys, electronics, sporting goods and more. The goods we provide is at a fraction of the original price.
Are they all new?
The clearance of department store are all new and repackage, up to 80% discount for you. 

ALL IN A Pallet!


Hurry Up!
Since demand tends to be high, we recommend that you immediately pick up a product that you like before it’s too late!

Since our pallets are not only cost-effective and have investment value, they are very popular with customers. We only spend Two weeks every year to clean these pallets at a very low price. This is also the cheapest time for amazon pallets in the year. After this period the price will increase quickly. Just like Black Friday.

If you miss it, you will have to wait another year.


Got Questions? We’ve Got 

You Covered!

What kind of items will I get?

Our items are wide range from electronics, DIY Tools to clothing, watches,... Prices are also vary from low to high. As we said we collect from many sources in the USA (Amazon, Ebay, USPS, Liquidation...)
What if I don’t like the item?
We always hope that our subscribers LOVE their item. If you don't for any reason, send us a message and as part of our happiness guarantee, we'll send you a free replacement item with your next shipment.
Note: If you don't like it, many other people would love it. Try to looking for somebody and you can send them as a nice gift
We're confident you'll love the items in box. But if you don't, let us know. We just want to make you happy.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to: United States of America
​How long for shipping?
Our warehouses are closed during weekends and Public Holidays.
​It takes 4-7 business days for delivery
What payment method do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Coin and Affirm
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